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Individual Membership Rates:

Applications for membership to the Association will be administered on a continual (rolling) basis throughout the year. The following fees will be applied annually for members joining as an individual (as opposed to via their organization’s affiliation. For information about Affiliate organization, see the next section). 

We offer a tiered pricing structure for membership that reflects different access to funding for professional development members of this community have. We rely on each of our members highest level within our capacity in order to support this equity oriented pricing structure.

Annual Membership Dues: Appropriate Rate For:
$119 Individuals earning over $60,000 annually, or if you are able to charge this membership to an employer with an annual budget greater than $200,000.
$69 Individuals earning between $30,000 and $60,000 annually, or if you are able to charge this membership to an employer with an annual budget less than $200,000.
$39 Individuals earning less than $30,000 annually, or if you are a Student, Environmental Justice Practitioner, Indigenous Practitioner, Veteran, Retiree, and/or a Youth Educator in formal K-12 or Afterschool Settings
$0 Environmental Justice or Social Justice Practitioners leading projects on a voluntary basis.

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CSA Organizational Affiliate Rates and Benefits:

As an affiliate (previously called an organizational “membership”), you gain access to concrete benefits for you and your team (or designees) that include:

  • Per-individual cost savings for an organizational membership
  • Discounts for publishing in the journal Citizen Science: Theory & Practice
  • Discounts for events (conferences, fee-based courses/webinars)
  • Expertise recognition (offering a webinar to share skills/tools/learnings with peers, colleagues, potential users of your services)
  • Logo recognition (on our website, and new opportunities for co-branding)

CSA Affiliate Packages:

Category/description Annual Subscription # individual memberships included
Environmental Justice or Social Justice organization $100 5
Non-profit/Government/Educational $400 base rate 5 total
(a $119 membership value for $80 each, plus affiliate organization benefits, a 33% discount)
$750 10 total
($1190 value, a 37% discount)
$1050 15 total
($1,785 value, a 41% discount)
$1500 25 total
($2,975 value, a 50% discount)
Institutional Talk to us about specialized packages for more than 25 individuals and accompanying affiliate benefits.
Corporate Talk to us about specialized packages for corporations of any size.

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Inclusive Membership for All

CSA is committed to inclusive and equitable access to membership. If you are unable to pay membership dues as a result of financial hardship, complications due to monetary transfer across countries, or for another reason (e.g., we refer to this list of countries eligible for fee waivers), please email the Membership Committee describing your circumstances ( Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible.

A discount is available for any category (20%) if the individual is an active member of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA), or any other organization with which the Citizen Science Association has an MOU or formal collaboration/partnership. Your respective Association can provide you with a promo code for discounts – or you can email to inquire.

If you believe you qualify for a discounted membership not noted here, please contact the Citizen Science Association Membership Committee (at

Individual Benefits of CSA membership include:

  • Connections: Access a global community of practitioners from across disciplines, roles, and career stages through our member platform (CSA Connect), virtual events, in-person conferences, and more. 
  • Conversations: Join member-only discussion events and groups to dive deep into cross-cutting topics you won’t hear about anyplace else.
  • Professional Development: Develop your skills and advance your career through online courses and events. Courses are offered for free or discounted rates to members through CSA Connect.
  • Leadership: Grow as a leader in the field through peer mentorship, chairing a chartered group, or serving on the CSA Board of Directors. CSA members are influential in establishing CSA’s Board members, with annual calls for nominations*.

  • Voice: Drive the direction and priorities of CSA through input into key decisions.
  • Discounts: CSA members enjoy discounts on our online and in person events, courses and conferences and reduced fees to publish in our journal, Citizen Science: Theory and Practice

*Board nominations are open to anyone in the community. Only active CSA members can serve on the CSA board of directors.  

Member Terms and Conditions: 

A member shall be entitled to all of the benefits available for a twelve-month period, commencing on the date of the Member’s enrollment. Members can renew their membership during or after the membership term by forwarding the relevant fee to the Association. The Association reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions of this policy at any time, with or without notice to any Member.

Automated reminders will be sent to members to pay their annual dues beginning 30 days before 12 months has passed. Reminders will continue to be sent on a regular basis until the renewal date, and up to one year after the renewal date for each member if dues have not been paid. However, member privileges will be revoked 30 days after the renewal date has passed.

Still looking for more details about membership? Read the Citizen Science Association Membership Manual.

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