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C*Sci2023 Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for Participation in C*Sci2023

All registered C*Sci2023 conference participants agree to the following terms and conditions.

Code of Conduct

Community Guidelines

Personal data: Per our data sharing policy, we do not share or sell personal data. Attendees may opt into sharing contact information via program directories and/or contact sheets at the event.

Digital content: Attendees have the right to restrict access to and use of their digital image or content.

Presentations: All presenters – with the exception of virtual poster presenters – must register for and attend the in-person event to be included in the program. No virtual presentations to the in-person audience will be possible.

Refunds: Until 1 May 2023, full refund less a $50 administrative fee (plus any transaction fees). After 1 May no refunds can be offered, but attendee substitutions may be allowed.

Health and safety:  CSA will comply with all applicable requirements from federal, state and local health authorities, as well as requirements of the host institution, Arizona State University, and will enact preventative measures to adhere to these requirements and guidelines. Per these requirements as well as recommended protocols at the time of the event, terms of in-person participation may include requiring up-to-date vaccinations (with the ability to apply for medical or religious exemption), social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitization, self-monitoring and self-reporting. All attendees will be notified and reminded of procedures and any procedural changes both prior to the event and during the event. 

Since keeping people safe and healthy during this event is a shared responsibility by everyone from attendees to exhibitors to reporters to staff, as with CSA’s Code of Conduct, refusal to adhere to these policies and abide by these precautions may result in immediate removal from C*Sci2023 and a non-refundable cancellation of the registration.