Citizen Science Association

Preliminary Program

The Preliminary Program is now available on the Ex Ordo registration website (computer best).

The online program DOES NOT yet include details about Field Trips or Workshops. Those details are available online at the following links:

Field Trips   | Workshops

See also the full list of plenary talks and environmental justice panelists.

For a taste of some of the topics this program covers, here are titles of accepted Symposia (see the Detailed Program above for more).

  • Not Just Grunt Work: Engaging the Public in Research from Design to Publication
  • Cultural Heritage and Citizen Science from the Federal Perspective
  • Citizen Social Science for Environmental Public Health Research
  • Program Design at the Intersection of Citizen Science and Data Literacy
  • Grow your own: Experimental gardens as a critical contribution of citizen science to global change research and hands-on education
  • Scaled BioBlitzes: Engaging Community Organizers to Increase Participation in Large-Scale Biodiversity Monitoring Efforts
  • From Guest to Scientist: Enhancing Museum Visitors’ Experience and Identity through Citizen Science
  • Hiding in Plain Sight – Stories of the Search for Volunteer Skill Gains In Data Validation Records
  • Design and Practice for Community Science Literacy
  • Get out for air: enabling community and media to engage in air quality dialogue through citizen science initiatives in Asia’s megacities
  • A Different Perspective: Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Citizen Science using Community-based Participatory Research
  • Possibilities for Voluntary, Independent Ethics Oversight for Citizen Science Projects
  • Indigenous People on the Front Lines: Using Citizen Science to Improve Environmental Public Health
  • Designing technology to maximize cultural diversity, uptake, and outcomes of citizen science.
  • Exploring Sustainable Funding Models for Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science and the University: Institutional innovation, change, and engagement beyond the ivory tower
  • CitSci+SciComm: Brainstorming new collaborations
  • Towards an Iberoamerican Citizen Science Association
  • Building capacity for partnership-centric community and citizen science in libraries: Using successful projects and library partnership framework to identify critical relationship building strategies
  • Citizen science and beyond: moving youth to scientific inquiry and civic action through citizen science
  • Win-Win Partnerships: How collaboration between citizen science and corporations leads to meaningful impacts
  • Ethical Considerations in Funded Citizen Science: Implications for Broader Impacts
  • Are Photos Data?
  • Citizen Science Funding Opportunities at the National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Citizen Science in Higher Education: Classrooms, Campus, and Communities
  • Creating a common vernacular: Exploring conversations across citizen science sectors to accelerate discovery of and access to citizen science instruments
  • Best Practices for Place-Based Community-Based Monitoring: Ensuring Sustainable Long-term and Outcomes-rich Programs
  • Program before Project – Infrastructure to Implement Best Practices in Citizen Science, Stakeholder Engagement, and Resource Management
  • Building a Global Mosquito Citizen Science Consortium: Bringing Together Diverse Perspectives for Common Goals
  • Citizen Science in Action
  • Policy Perspectives on Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science in Action: A Tale of Four/Five Advocates Who Would Have Lost Without You
  • Advancing the science of citizen science through meta-platforms and meta-analyses
  • Data quality management plans: Lessons learned from the water quality monitoring community
  • Reaching Girls Through Citizen Science
  • Citizen Science: A Tool for Advocacy
  • CNC/iNaturalist & K-12 — CSA Education track session