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2019 CSA Call for Workshops

The Call for Workshops is Now Closed.

Deadline to submit abstracts was August 24, 2018

Researchers, practitioners, and the broader citizen science community members are invited by the Citizen Science Association to submit workshop proposals to be held at the CSA 2019 conference March 13-17, 2019 in Raleigh, NC. We encourage workshops focused on topics and activities that contribute to growing our community’s shared knowledge base, research areas, and priority areas.

Workshop should be designed to contribute to the following Conference priorities:
Welcoming and inclusion, citizenry in science
Informing the broader community
Supporting sustained technical and scientific collaborations and standards
Establishing and maintaining long term relationships and partnerships
Developing best practices

Workshop abstract

Abstract (500 words) should include: Workshop goals, objectives, importance, and interest to the membership of Citizen Science Association.

  • Who is the target audience for the workshop? Is this a workshop that is focused on a particular audience (e.g., educators, data managers), or will it be equally appropriate for a variety of audiences (e.g., citizen scientists, educators, citizen science practitioners, citizen science researchers)?
  • What are the expected workshop outcomes? How will workshop participants benefit from this workshop? Will workshop outcomes be shared with a larger audience, such as during the CSA Conference, or with the larger citizen science community after the event?
  • Maximum number of people you would like to have attend your workshop: (Numeric limit) Minimum number of people you need for the workshop to be successful?
  • Participant costs: CSA incurs minimal costs for each workshop, and will charge participants a basic fee of $15. If you would like to cover that fee (e.g., from a grant) or if you would like to charge additional fees (e.g., for materials, time, or refreshments), please briefly note suggested cost and justify that here.

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Evaluation process and criteria

All proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the CSA Conference program committee. The CSA Conference program chair may accept or decline your proposal, or offer you the opportunity to work with another workshop proposer.
Workshop proposals will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Citizen science focus
  • Broader impacts
  • Creativity approach
  • Structure and organization
  • Relevance
  • Organizer line-up

Workshop Attributes:

All workshops spaces will have tables, chairs, projectors, and screens. Other materials can be requested for additional costs – options will be provided should your workshop be accepted. Workshops may be limited in size based on room availability. Please indicate the maximum and minimum number of participants, and whether workshop is a full or half day.

Cancellation policy

It is disruptive to meeting programs if any accepted workshops are canceled. Submit a workshop proposal only if you are sure to attend the meeting and are willing to fulfill your responsibility as an organizer. In case of unavoidable circumstance, a principal organizer may be replaced by a co-organizer.
Workshop organizers will be required to register by the earlybird deadline. To reinforce the need for presenter commitments, workshop presenters will be asked to agree to a higher non-refundable portion of registration should their workshop be cancelled due to their inability to attend.

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