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Our conferences and convenings bring attention to cutting-edge and evidence-based practices from many contexts, and connect people from across those contexts to highlight areas of innovation, share ideas and insights, and forge stronger relationships and practices across the field.

The 2023 Citizen Science Association conference, C*Sci 2023, will be held from May 22-26 on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe/Phoenix, ArizonaLearn more here.

This event convenes conversations across disciplines, roles, and perspectives. Together, we seek and share the traditional and innovative practices that lead to powerful partnerships for discovery, learning, and action.

Past Conferences:

C*Sci 2022

The core virtual program took place in a single online space over the course of four half-days. Regional events brought conference themes 15 locations across North America. See full event details here.

Why C*Science? Whether contributory, collaborative, or co-created, whether called community science, crowdsourcing, or citizen science (or things that don’t start with c!), CSA strives to be a space that welcomes all perspectives and we want the language of this event to reflect that.

CitSciVirtual: May, 2021


Events throughout the month of May, 2021, engaged practitioners and researchers in this field (educators, community leaders, scientists, students, technologists, data managers and more), in sharing the ideas and innovations that make research partnerships thrive. Across this broad field, we know that we do science better, together.

Visit the CitSciVirtual event page for full details.


Citizen Science Association 2019 Conference Logo CitSci2019

Citizen Science 2019 was held in Raleigh, NC, USA March 13th-17th, 2019. This was our largest conference to date, with 818 registered delegates from 28 countries presenting more than 350 talks, workshops, symposia, and posters representing many different topics and fields. 

 [CitSci2019 conference details]

Citizen Science 2017

Citizen Science Association Conference 2017 Banner

Citizen Science 2017 was held in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA May 17th – 20th, 2017

[CitSci2017 conference details]

Citizen Science 2015

Citizen Science Association 2015 Flyer

Citizen Science 2015 was held in San Jose, California, USA February 11th-12th, 2015. Over 600 people from 25 countries gathered in San Jose for CSA’s inaugural conference.

 [CitSci2015 conference details]


Public Participation in Scientific Research 2012

Public Participation in Scientific Research Conference 2012 Logo

Public Participation in Scientific Research 2012 was held in Portland Oregon, USA, August 4th-5th 2012. This landmark event launched, with overwhelming support, the idea of developing an Association to advance this global and cross-disciplinary community of practice.

[PPSR2012 conference report]