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Citizen Science Month: April

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In just a couple of years, Global Citizen Science Month (April) has grown from a single day of events, to a coordinated effort supported by SciStarter, the National Library of Medicine, Arizona State University, the Citizen Science Association, Science Friday, National Geographic and many other collaborators from around the world. Global Citizen Science Month encompasses events and opportunities to contribute to projects. And April is just around the corner! It’s time to prepare. Whether you’re planning a Citizen Science Month event or just looking to participate, visit to get started.

One way you can contribute to the success of Citizen Science Month is joining the CSA working group! The purpose of the working group is to provide resources for CSA members and citizen science practitioners to celebrate and promote all things citizen science-related at their organizations. The work of the Citizen Science Month Working Group is done in collaboration with SciStarter and the Citizen Science Association. The working group will meet monthly, support webinars for practitioners in January and February to prepare for April and then celebrate during the actual month (April). Caroline Nickerson from SciStarter and Vivienne Byrd of the Los Angeles Public Library are the co-chairs of the CSA CitSciMonth Working Group.

Join the working group by finding our page on CSA Connect. The group will meet monthly on the third Thursday for approximately thirty minutes.

Find other Citizen Science Month resources and events, for both practitioners and the public, at

Contact Caroline Nickerson ( and Vivienne Byrd ( with any questions.