Ethics Working Group: Members

Thanks to CSA Ethics’ community members who share so generously their knowledge & time!


Claire O’Neill (Earthwise Aware) | EWG Co-chair 2020-2022 | Biodiversity / Field Conservation Ethics Focused Group Host
Lisa Rasmussen (UNC Charlotte) | EWG Co-chair 2019-2021 – Ethics Liaison to the 2019 Conference Committee

Thanks! We are so appreciative of the work of our chairs and core members! If you would like to be involved in one of the ways listed in above, please let us know.


CSA Ethics is a community of citizen science and ethics experts and practitioners who share ideas, raise issues and work together at solutions.

Stacy Lynn Elizabeth Jones
Christi Guerrini Camille Nebeker
Amy Freitag Chris Santos-Lang
Courtney LongJesse Oliver
Dave KauffmannCaren Cooper
Jane DisneyTiffany Nuessle
Janet StemwedelJacqueline Vadjunec
Rasmus GeertsemaKaberi Kar Gupta
Madhusudan KattiAlison Parker
Sandro von Matter(…)
Former group co-chair

💬 CSA Ethics’ Forum is a big part of our community. That is where a lot of the discussion happen. Be part of a vibrant community of experts and practitioners vested in promoting ethics in citizen science, join us today.

📅 The community also meets quarterly (web meeting). The CSA Ethics community meetings are a great opportunity to share knowledge, ask questions, and attend great lectures on many various aspects of Ethics.

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