Education Working Group

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Welcome to the Education Working Group

Mission: To enable, inspire, investigate, and facilitate effective integration of scientific and educational goals, practices, and outcomes in citizen science.

Vision: Stronger education, stronger science.

Focus: Serving youth and practitioners who work with youth, while acknowledging that there will be significant overlap with the interests and needs of programs designed for adult learners.

  • Goal 1: Create opportunities for sharing strategies and resources that can be used to advance the use of citizen science in education and allow educators to build off of each other’s successes.
  • Goal 2: Leverage the structure of the Citizen Science Association to create mechanisms for collaboration beyond the Working Group. Contribute an education perspective to the agendas and priorities of other working groups, most explicitly to the Conference Working Group and the Research and Evaluation Working Group.
  • Goal 3: Develop ongoing conversations with adjacent fields such as environmental justice, environmental education, science education, project-based learning, etc.
  • Goal 4: Facilitate collaboration among diverse projects and professionals to research, document, and share results and impacts of the use of citizen science for learning.
  • Goal 5: Promote, investigate, improve, and advance the perceived value of citizen science as an educational approach/context.