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Many states and regions have formal and informal citizen science networks to facilitate knowledge and resource exchange for their area. We are currently collecting information with details on these regional networks with plans to share that information here on our website. Check back soon for more details.

Know of a regionally-focused citizen science group or citizen science meeting? Tell us about it below.

Groups could range from formal collaboratives to informal networks to online Facebook groups and anything in between, but the members should largely be those working or volunteering in the field of citizen science and the group should be region-specific.

Meetings could be anything from a full academic-style conference to a half-day workshop to an informal meet-up, but the primary focus/purpose of the meeting should be citizen science-related and the assumption is that most attendees are local to region in which the meeting takes place.

If you’re interested in organizing a regional meeting, please let us know!

Photo by Andrew Stutesman for Unsplash

Tell us about your regional citizen science network below: