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Association Task Teams focus on specific projects or initiatives of the CSA and offer a tangible way to contribute to the success of the association.

Team needs are ever evolving. The form below lists some tasks and topics we are currently seeking support for- new opportunities will be updated periodically. Complete the interest form below to let us know what kind of projects you are interested in and we will send you details on how to get involved.

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Association Team Interest Form

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This form is for association task teams, not working groups- learn more about how to get involved with working groups here.

Current Association Teams:

Communications Team:

Our communications team will consist of two sub groups: an advisory team and CSA ambassadors. The advisory team will help review and advise on a communications plan for the organization and the ambassadors will work to promote CSA and elevate the field of citizen science online (social media or blog posts) and in person at topical conferences or meetings. We are eager to build a communications team that represents the diversity of the field and encourage you to join us. 

Desired Experience and Expected Time Commitment:

We are seeking advisors with experience developing communications strategies and an understanding of the vision and direction of the association. This group will meet via monthly calls starting in fall 2019 and will transition to quarterly meetings once initial guidelines and priorities are established.

CSA Ambassadors should have an active presence on social media (or plan to), experience with science communications for citizen science, and an interest in promoting the association and relevant events. This group will communicate mostly through email where they will receive discussion prompts and details about CSA events via email with quarterly group calls to check in and share ideas. If interested, ambassadors will have the opportunity to draft content for the CSA blog on a rotating basis (1-2 times a year).

Technical Enhancement Team:

CSA is forming a technical advisory and support team to improve the association’s technical infrastructures. TET initially has two targeted directives: 1. addressing short term technical fixes to the CSA website and completing an assessment of the CSA’s technology infrastructure, and 2. Advising on strategy for future technical infrastructure to support of the association.

Desired Experience and Expected Time Commitment:

Looking for individuals with experience with: coding skills in PHP, CSS, MySQL and/or Javascript; application to WordPress and API integrations; and system administration experience to fulfill the first directive. We are also seeking those with experience in system administration and technical strategy development to help draft a long term plan for the association.

This group will meet online monthly starting in Fall 2019 to setup procedures for collaboration and can expect to meet less frequently once systems and processes are in place to audit the systems and scope the work. 

Membership Team:

We are assembling a for-members, by-members team to review our member services. This is a short term (one year) task-and-finish opportunity to work with staff and board members to complete a review of services and make recommendations for membership improvements.

Desired Experience and Expected Time Commitment:

We are looking for active members in the association who are passionate about the association who have an interest in seeing our membership base grow and member benefits refined. Especially interested in people who have experience with member recruitment and retention at other organizations. Will meet monthly starting in fall 2019. 

If interested, please join us for a New Member Orientation on October 17th, at 3pm EST.  Register here.

Conference Planning Team:

We are seeking motivated individuals to help with planning for our 2021 conference. There are a variety of sub committees that address different conference needs such as program development (deciding on themes, setting-up the review process, deciding on keynote speakers, etc.), a local host committee based in Arizona that helps plan logistics and special events, as well as communications, student, networking/engagement, and integrity, diversity & equity subcommittees that are all looking for members and leaders.

Desired Experience and Expected Time Commitment:

There are a variety of needs and skill sets valuable to this team. Detailed information about subcommittee needs and commitments are outlined in a webinar here.

We have created a short form where you can indicate your interest in participating or leading various subcommittees as well as listing general availability for meetings-  complete the form here.  Completing the form is the best way to stay in the loop about conference planning even if you are unsure of how you can contribute. Contact conference_cochair[at] for more information.