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The following topics represent overarching themes from the 2021 CitSci Virtual Event. C*Sci 2022 will deepen these conversations:

Working Across Boundaries

This community represents a wide range of disciplinary and cultural entities, and much of our work requires us to work and form partnerships across these boundaries. Although many of us recognize the importance of this collaboration, we can struggle to effectively engage and form meaningful relationships with those who approach the field from different perspectives. Speakers in this topic area will provide thoughtful insights on their successes and challenges working across these boundaries and engaging diverse groups in cohesive projects.

Equity and Inclusivity in C* Science

Despite recognition of the overall lack of diversity among participants and practitioners, many projects continue to struggle to engage various communities and stakeholders. In order for this field to reach its full potential, it is essential that more projects find ways to better serve communities and share resources and decision- making power. Speakers in this topic area will provide thoughtful perspectives on their successes and challenges in integrating a range of diversity, equity, inclusion, access and justice practices into their work.

The Future of C* Science

Much of the work that we do requires laying a foundation well ahead of actually starting a new initiative. As we continuously work to improve our existing projects and programs, we also need to be thinking about what comes next. What big ideas and innovations will move the field forward and help us do more impactful work? Speakers in this topic area will be conducting or planning cutting edge work that can challenge and change the way that we think about our own practices.

Please suggest engaging speakers who you’d like to hear from and think would provide valuable insights for the CSA community. We are interested in hearing from speakers across a range of roles and career stages from within the community. We do have a small number of equity-oriented honoraria for speakers participating in the symposia without professional or personal benefit.