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Call for Late Breaking Posters* is open through April 10, 2022.

View late breaking poster submission form

Online posters will be a centerpiece of the 2022 C*Science Conference and the primary format for you to share your work and connect with colleagues from around the globe. The call for posters is open from Jan 3 until Jan 31 Feb 15, 2022. (late breaking poster call open until April 10, 2022).

We encourage poster submissions from across the many approaches to research by, for, and with members of the public. Whether contributory, collaborative, or co-created, whether called community science, crowdsourcing, or citizen science (or efforts that don’t start with c!), CSA is a place for all perspectives and we want the language and content of this event to reflect that.  Accordingly, CSA seeks contributions that do not necessarily fit the mold of posters at academic gatherings.  You should feel free to express yourselves as you would with your own co-workers and collaborators. 


Posters provide a touchstone to start a conversation – to share ideas, invite and ask questions, and learn more together by talking with others in this community about our work.

Posters should fully utilise the power of the electronic medium in order to be more dynamic in nature. Accepted presenters will share their poster content directly on the CSA Connect platform via an “article-” a format similar to a short blog post. Here presenters can organize your content using general headers, short paragraphs, maps, graphs or photos as well as embed supplemental video, audio, hyperlinks and more. 

Accepted posters will be available online throughout the duration of the event, and will be shared in a space that encourages ongoing comment and conversation.

Poster examples from CitSciVirtual

View a short video poster overview of poster formatting expectations, options for supplemental audio/video, and submission guidelines.

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If you would like to share your work with the c* science community as part of our 2022 conference, please complete the poster proposal form, available here. This year, posters will be the primary way of engaging and sharing research and work in our community. 

Poster submissions must be relevant to work in the field of c*science, and have informative stories, research, or lessons learned to share with others in this field (see also EVALUATION CRITERIA, below).

There is no cost to submit an idea for a poster. If accepted, the presenting author will need to register for the 2022 conference in order to share the poster content and discussions (see more about registration). Summaries are short, as we want to make submission easy. Summary titles and statements for accepted posters will be used in the final program, so please be comfortable with the content you submit. CSA staff and Poster Subcommittee will not edit summaries for clarity. We may reformat details only if needed to conform to standards for the conference website. 

Poster proposal submissions are made through Google Forms. Please note that you will need a Google ID (email) to edit your summary until the submission deadline. 

For your submission, you will need to prepare the following elements:

  1. Summary of the Proposed Poster:
  • Title (limited to 20 words)
  • A poster summary (a maximum of 150 words) should include:
    • Background: A description of your work. Including specific problems your work has addressed or goals your work has accomplished. 
    • What happened: A short description of how your work addressed the problem (or worked toward the goals)
    • Lessons Learned: A closing statement about what attendees will learn from your poster; something more specific than “results will be discussed.”
  1. Two to three keywords for your poster topic at the top of the summary proposal submission, which will help attendees search your poster content
  2. Choose the research/topical area most closely aligned with your proposed poster content. This will only be used to help organize the posters in the online event space.
  3. Optional geographic information

Submit your late breaking poster proposal here

As a planning tool, you can download a Word document here with form questions. This is only intended as a way for you to prepare and save your responses. Please note that you CANNOT submit via the word file, and all submissions must be submitted via the Google Form in order to be considered (you can copy/paste text from the Word file into the Form when you are ready).

Each applicant can serve as the presenting author for only one poster submission. However, you can be listed as a co-author on multiple submissions. The person listed as the submission author will be asked to personally present the e-poster. If the poster is accepted, the presenting author must register for C*Science 2022 in order to share the poster content and discussions. 

If English is your second language, you are welcome to submit your poster summary in both English and your native tongue – reviews will be conducted in English but poster materials can be shared in multiple languages.

View poster submission form here: https://forms.gle/YxPni3TaRNMQEQUFA

Curious about registration rates? Get a sneak peak here.

If you need assistance, please reach out to posters@citizenscience.org.


This year the event committee is striving to be broadly inclusive of submissions that share relevant stories and lessons learned.Submissions will be reviewed by the CSA Poster Sub-committee. Reviewers will use criteria designed to ensure that submitted content is relevant to the Conference and meets CSA’s values of diversity, respect and collaboration, accessibility, participation, integrity, and transparency. See event code of conduct for additional detail.

*Late breaking submissions are not guaranteed a spot in a live collaborative session unless you are a student presenter.

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