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Basic registration pricing information is below.

Basic Registration Rates:

Included in your registration is access to a core program of live events across four days (May 23-26) as well as access to an online event space. The core program will take place between 12-5pm EDT (UTC -4) and include keynote presentations and panel-style symposia on cross-cutting topics. Each day will feature a block of Ideas-to-Action Sessions (workshops, discussions, or collaborations) to turn inspiration into action. Over 150 interactive posters will be available on CSA Connect for the duration of the event and live sessions with presenters will offer opportunities for face-to-face conversations with innovators and thought leaders in this field.

Why different pricing?

Work in this field depends on experts from many backgrounds. Not everyone receives support to attend, or gains professional recognition or opportunity by attending, as is the case with many “traditional” conference models in science.

To provide everyone in this community with equitable, relevant, and meaningful opportunities to engage, we offer a range of pricing options as well as a program that strives to reflect that the value of attending looks different to each of us.

What does this mean for me?

We know that everyone in this field stretches their capacity to do this work. All of our ticket prices, event the highest tier, are set below the per-person cost of producing this event (based on expected attendance). To make this possible, the event depends on:

  • each of us registering at the highest level within our capacity, and;
  • generous and engaged volunteers, partners, donors, and sponsors.

General Registration Rates:

Late registration fees will apply after May 10th.

If you are:MemberNon Member*
Supported – You receive professional or academic recognition or benefit for participation, and have funds available for conferences or other professional development.
Partially SupportedYou receive professional or academic recognition or benefit for participation, and have funds available for conferences or other professional development but not sufficient to cover the above rate.
Independent – For anyone who receives no professional support or benefit (e.g., career advancement) from involvement in this field
$0 (donations accepted)
$0 (donations accepted)
when registration opens >>Click here to log in as a member and register.Click here to register if you are not (or not yet) a member. (Not sure?**)

* This year, for new members only, we are able to offer a bundled membership-and-registration option. New members interested in this option can use the Non-Member link above and choose to add a year of membership to the registration transaction [please review member rates and details prior to registering]. This option is not available for Late registrants (after May 10th).
**Try resetting your password to log in here or email membership@citizenscience.org to check on the status of your account.