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A core team of regional and national network leaders have helped to develop an exciting vision for easy-to-implement programming (in-person or virtual) that complements and extends the reach and relevance of this year’s larger online event. 

The following event menu features event types that can be modified to fit the audience, geographic scale, and format that works best for your region and your organizing capacity.  CSA will provide basic event templates and targeted planning meetings in support of each of these menu options that will give you the scaffolding you need to plan efficiently and freedom to shape an event that feels like your own. By providing core capacity for regional events, we strive to make regional planning efficient and keep regional-only attendance free*.

This is an excellent opportunity to be recognized for your or your organization’s leadership in this field. We are currently identifying interested hosts and working to build partnerships to best serve regions. If you are interested in helping to host a regional event, let us know here. Stating interest does not commit you to hosting an event. It is a step towards building connections in support of planning.

Watch Party and Follow-up Discussion (in person or Zoom)

  • A livestream of a keynote or symposia of interest to practitioners in your region that would take place at a public facility (i.e. library, museum, university). Event would be followed up with a discussion on themes presented in the talk with an emphasis on actionable strategies for your region. Could include a speaker or panel from your region to give regional context to big ideas shared in the central program (forthcoming). 
  • You would be responsible for securing the venue (if in person), finding a moderator, and inviting attendees from your region.
  • CSA would convene meetings with others coordinating watch parties, provide resources for moderators, and branding you can use to promote your event.

Project Slam (Zoom or in person)

  • An fun and fast paced way for project leaders to share about their projects. The goal of this event is to showcase the diversity of projects in your area and make connections among practitioners working in close proximity. 
  • You would be responsible for sharing a call for projects, coordinating an event schedule and moderating the live event. 
  • CSA would provide planning support and connect you with others coordinating project slams, a large zoom line for you to use for your event (if online), and branding you can use to promote your event.

Moderated Poster Session (Zoom):

  • A moderated discussion event where poster presenters from CSA’s core program can share about their poster and engage in a conversation about regional implications of their work. This would complement the thematic poster sessions happening as part of the core program. 
  • You would be responsible for finding a moderator and promoting this event among practitioners in your region.
  • CSA will solicit the overall call for posters (including a tag for location), review proposals, and support poster development in our online platform. You would be responsible for curating the selection of posters/poster presenters to highlight, and coordinating with those select presenters.

Social Hour/Networking Session (in person)

  • Host a casual event where practitioners in your region can get to know one another. Ideas include lunch and learns, walks or hikes, group tours of a facility or organization, happy hour, or student mixer. Could serve as an opportunity to discuss a topic of interest to a broad range of people in your region. 
  • You would be responsible for securing the venue, sharing the invitation, and moderating the event.
  • CSA would provide planning support and branding you can use to promote your event. 

Panel Discussion with Regional Funders (Zoom) 

  • An opportunity for practitioners to learn about local funding sources and ask questions of representatives from local agencies on how to best tailor their proposals for consideration. Could be complemented with presentations on grant writing or building other skills to help make projects more competitive for funding.
  • You would be responsible for finding speakers for the panel, promoting the event locally, and moderating the panel.
  • CSA would provide planning support, access to a large Zoom line, and branding to promote your event locally.

Other ideas?

  • The items in the above list of events meet our vision of ones that can complement (vs. compete with) and amplify the core program, and that we see as feasible for regional coordinators given limited planning and hosting resources. There may be other items that we have missed that meet these goals – if you have some in mind we would be glad to consider their inclusion. Some basic criteria are below.

Qualifying regional events will:

  • Be included in a map of regional activities
  • Be celebrated across the full program (high visibility for hosts!)
  • Be provided with templates to plan, brand, and amplify the event
  • Take place outside of the core online programming window, 12:30-5 Eastern Time (Keynote livestreams a possible exception)
  • Connect with and build on the online programming and themes
  • Have no cost for regional-only attendees, and garner no funds in excess of material costs incurred

*We are committed to sustainable and accessible conferencing. If you anticipate incurring costs to host an event, we will offer strategies for finding the partners or support you need to enable free access to regional events.