Introducing the Data and Metadata Working Group

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The CSA board recently approved a Citizen Science Data and Metadata working group (a list of inaugural members can be found here).
CSA’s Data and Metadata Working Group aims to support, advance, and facilitate data interoperability among and between citizen science projects, and other data repositories; and, to promote collaboration in citizen science via the development and/or improvement of international standards for data and metadata.
This working group is adopting oversight of the PPSR_CORE metadata standards, which were developed as part of DataONE and most recently refined at a workshop hosted by the Wilson Center and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in coordination with the Federal Community of Practice in Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing.
CSA’s Data and Metadata Working Group is highly collaborative, partnering with ECSA and ACSA to ensure that any standards developed will be globally relevant. Currently, this working group is also collaborating with the US Federal Government to help ensure that metadata standards adopted for use in federal agencies (per the recent White House memorandum, “Addressing Societal and Scientific Challenges through Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing”) are compatible with PPSR_CORE.
Please contact Anne Bowser with any questions- and look for more news in the coming weeks.

Posted on: November 12, 2015  |  Category: Data and Metadata Working Group