Working Groups

Working groups serve to advance the goals of the Citizen Science Association. These following committees have articulated concrete proposals, and have been approved by the Board of Directors as formal affiliates of CSA. Additional committees will be convened as priorities are identified. Interested in proposing a new working group? Click here to learn how and get started.

Web/Communications Working Group

Darlene Cavalier (co-chair), SciStarter
Jennifer Shirk (co-chair), Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Shannon Dosemagen, Public Laboratory
Claudia Goebel, Museum fur Naturkunde (Berlin) and European Citizen Science Association
Sarah Kirn, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Holly Menninger, North Carolina State University
Sarah Newman, NEON, Inc.
Greg Newman, Colorado State University,
Alison Young, California Academy of Sciences

Education Working Group

Sarah Kirn (chair), Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Ryan Collay, Oregon State University
Mary Ford, National Geographic Society
Sandra Henderson, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Eric Jolly, Science Museum of Minnesota
Nancy Trautmann, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Conference Working Group

Rhiannon Crain (Chair, and Practitioner’s Chair)
Jeanne Braha (Member at Large)
Ryan Collay (Education Working Group Rep)
Angel Hjarding (Grad Chair)
Ashley Rose Kelly (Academic Co-Chair)
Josep Perelló (Academic Chair)
Roshni Ricchetti (Editorial Chair)
Nikita Shiel-Rolle (IDE Working Group Rep)

Integrity, Diversity, and Equity

Shannon Dosemagen (co-chair), Public Lab
Tim Vargo (co-chair), Urban Ecology Center
Daniela Soleri (co-chair), UC Santa Barbara
Leslie Allee, Cornell University
Brittany Davis, Allegheny College
Samantha Estoesta, Royal Rhoads University
Kaberi Kar Gupta, CSU Fresno
Louis Liebenberg, Cybertracker
Sarah Newman, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
Raj Pandya, AGU
Angel Pereira, European Commission
Michelle Prysby, Virginia Tech/Virginia Cooperative Extension
Karen Purcell, Cornell University
Mónica Ramirez Andreotta, University of Arizona
Nikita Sheil-Rolle, Young Marine Explorers
Linda Silka, University of Maine
Tom Wakeford, Coventry University

Data and Metadata Working Group

Anne Bowser (co-chair), Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Greg Newman (co-chair),
Luigi Ceccaroni (ECSA liaison), 1000001 Labs
Jaume Piera (ECSA liaison), Spanish National Research Council
Peter Brenton (ACSA liaison), Atlas of Living Australia
Peter Walsh (ACSA liaison), University of Tasmania
Lisa Adams, Kensaw State University
Ann Bessenbacher, Purdue University
Hillary Burgess, COASST/ The University of Washington
Jessie Cappadonna, ACSA
Darlene Cavalier, Arizona State University
Seth Dresser, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Travis Forrester, eMammal / The Smithsonian
Claudia Gobel, Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin/ ECSA
Christopher Kulleberg, University of Gothenburg
Erica Krimmel, Chicago Academy of Sciences
Yvan Le Bras, IRISA
Pietro Michelucci, Human Computation Institute
Ethan McMahon, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (pending permission)
Alison Parker, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Sven Schade, The European Commission
Jennifer Shirk, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
John Starmer, Independent
Richard Stromberg, Independent
Julian Turner, CoCoRaHS/ Colorado State
Grace Troxel, CAISE
Andrea Wiggins, University of Maryland

Professional Development

Hannah Webber, Schoodic Institute
Mark Chandler, Earthwatch Institute
Abe Miller-Rushing, National Park Service
Malin Clyde, University of New Hampshire
Jennifer Shirk, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Sarah Newman, NEON
John Tweddle, Natural History Museum (London)
Marie Studer, Encyclopedia of Life
Finn Danielsen, Nordisk Fond for Miljø og Udvikling
Amy Lorenz, Encyclopedia of Life


Caren Cooper (co-chair), NCSU
Amy Freitag (co-chair), NOAA/JHT
Anne Bowser, Wilson Center
Chris Santos-Lang
Cindy Regalado, University College London
Dianne Quigley, Brown
Effy Vayena, University of Zurich
Gianfranco Gliozzo, University College London
Holly Menninger, NCSU
Jacqueline Vadjunec, OK State
Janet Stemwedel, San Jose State University
Jean McEwen, NIH
Kaberi Kar Gupta, NCSU, Urban Lorises
Katrina Theisz, NIH
Lea Shanley, UNC-Chapel Hll
Lisa Rasmussen, UNC-Charlotte
Madhusudan Katti, NCSU
Alison Parker, EPA

Research and Evaluation

Heidi Ballard (co-chair), UC Davis
Tina Phillips (co-chair), Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cat Stylinski (co-chair), Appalachian Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
membership being established


Journal Committee (now Editorial Board)

Steering Committee (replaced by the Board of Directors)