The One-Year Trial is Over: Please Tell Us What You Think

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Citizen Science Association

The CSA Board of Directors would like input, from all connected with the Citizen Science Association, on CSA’s membership structure.

As a young organization, CSA has been striving to fulfil our vision, mission, and goals which were informed by input from this rapidly growing community. We are putting in place the structures to support activities with staff and cyberinfrastructure for conferences, workshops, working groups, an academic journal, and more. The CSA works by organizing community so that our membership (ALL OF US!) can collectively advance the field of citizen science.

When the CSA launched in February 2014, membership for the inaugural year was free, and this continued through 2016. In the fall of 2016, responses to a survey about CSA membership benefits revealed which benefits people valued the most. The TOP TWO most valued benefit were not direct benefits for individuals, but BENEFITS FOR ALL:

  • #1 “advancing the visibility of, and respect for, citizen science.”
  • #2 “supporting the development of open-access resources for the field.”

And #3 was related to the tangible personal benefits of engaging with the community: “discounted registration to conferences and workshops.”

In March of 2017, the CSA launched a 1-year trial period with the current membership and fee structure. Details are available here:

For the 2017 calendar year, we have over 5,000 non-paying community members and 500 paying members. You ALL are valuable to the success of the CSA and the advancement of citizen science. We want to learn about the hopes and wishes for the CSA from ALL of you so that the Board of Directors can make properly informed decisions about membership fees and structure for the coming year.

With this email, we are opening a period of public discussion on this thread, and then we’ll follow-up with an anonymous survey. Please comment below if you would like to share your input about the current membership structure and fees. We are curious to learn what tangible benefits make (or would make) membership worthwhile to you. Also, what intangible benefits make (or would make) membership worthwhile to you? We want to better understand your expectations and needs so that we can organize our community to reach its greatest potential.

Thank you for your input,
Caren Cooper and Na ‘Taki Osborne Jelks
on behalf of the CSA Board Governance Committee

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