Seeking community comments on final draft of CSA Value Statement

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[UPDATE: Following community comment (thank you!), CSA has adopted a Value Statement as of November 2017]

The Citizen Science Association is seeking community comment, until October 20th, 2017, on the final draft of an organizational Value Statement.

The development of a Value Statement for the Citizen Science Association began with a subcommittee of four CSA Board members. This subcommittee drafted statements that were circulated to the rest of the Board for input in late 2016/early 2017. Suggestions were made and incorporated. Short versions of the resulting statements were shared at the CitSci2017 Conference on flipcharts, with a standing invitation to conference attendees to question, comment, suggest, and edit. Many comments were received, and were incorporated into the details below. Each statement has a both a short and an expanded version.

Please use the comments section below the post to share input, or email thoughts directly to info@ before the comments period closes on October 20th, 2017.


Values Statement Draft, October 2017

Diversity: Having multiple perspectives leads to stronger outcomes. We embrace the full range of citizen science actors and support the many ways of pursuing scientific research, the many methods of engagement in citizen science, and the great breadth of projects.

We respect, value, and celebrate the diversity of human perspectives and experiences within the citizen science community and our members. We value all citizen science projects, from ‘scientist driven’ to ‘community driven,’ from contributory to co-created, from online game-based to in-the-field and in-person, and beyond. The practice of citizen science will grow stronger when more diverse actors pose questions; inform processes; guide methods; collect, interpret, analyze, curate, and share data; and benefit from citizen science efforts.

Respect and Collaboration: Citizen science requires meaningful collaboration among many professions, cultures, domains of expertise, and disciplines. We are committed to building a community of respect and collaboration within our membership and across organizations.

Citizen science exists at the crossroads of diverse domains, from astronomy to community organizing, from environmental justice to crowdsourcing, from gaming to environmental education, from science experts to science novices. To operate in this space we must be respectful, listening to one another with curiosity rather than judgment. We strive to complement and collaborate with existing organizations rather than reproducing their work.

Accessibility: We value actions that lower barriers to involvement and engagement in our association, in its leadership, in citizen science, and in science itself.

Our meetings and the virtual and physical spaces we maintain are open to all citizen science practitioners. The CSA is committed to using plain, accessible language that is free from jargon. We envision a citizen science network in which all individuals participating or interested in citizen science are welcome, irrespective of where they are in their project’s lifecycle, their citizen science career, their scientific knowledge, or their unique abilities.

Participation: Our organization is an expression of the ideas and work of our members, our working groups, our partners, our staff, and our board.

We value a membership that actively shapes the agenda of our association, contributes work to move our mission forward, and maintains or evolves the open culture of our community. We acknowledge and celebrate all levels of participation and create opportunities for members to share ideas, contribute, and critique.

Integrity and Transparency: We are committed to operating with integrity and openness, and adhering to the best practices of scientific research, engagement, and outreach.

We honor our roots in science and bring forward the best practices of transparent, rigorous scientific research. We are committed to building a climate of openness and trust with members, partners, funders, working groups, board, staff, and all those conducting the work of citizen science. We seek maximum appropriate participation in decision making. We aim to operate strong communication channels that proactively share our plans and invite collaborative input.

Comments will be accepted until 20th October 2017. Please use the comments section below or email thoughts to info@

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