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A round-up of social media about the Citizen Science 2015 Conference (San Jose, CA, Feb 11-12). Don’t see yours? Please share in the comments!

Citizen Science 2015 Storify, Day One and Day Two
By Alison Young, @alisonkestrel

#WhyICitSci Storify
By Johanna Varner, @johannavarner

Storify: #CitSci2015 diversity comments
By Alberto Roca, @MinorityPostdoc

InformalScience Updates from the Field
By Kalie Sacco, CAISE

How to Build a Citizen Science Community
By Amy Robinson, EyeWire

The Evolving Field of Citizen Science
By Grace Troxel, CAISE

Citizen Science 2015 – Reflections
By Muki Haklay, University College London

Reports from HackFest
By Darlene Cavelier, SciStarter

Intellectual Property Issues in Citizen Science
By Teresa Scassa, University of Ottawa

3 ‘Take Aways’ from Citizen Science Association Conference
By Sarah West, SEI York

Erica Krimmel on Citizen Science 2015
By Erica Krimmel, Switzer Foundation

Citizen Science and the Many Ways of Knowing
By Kelsie McCutcheon, Truckee River Guide

Building Partnerships to Engage People in Science
By The Schoodic Institute

Why We #CitSci
By Holly Menninger, Your Wild Life

CitSci2015: An Overview
By Monica Peters, Waikato University

CitSci2015– Another Great Success
By OpenScientist

Twitter stream notes
By John Gallo, @johnagallo

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